4-Sight FAX Client 7.5.4 adds signature and stamp tools

May 2, 2011

Soft Solutions announces 4-Sight FAX Client 7.5.4, adding valuable signature and stamp annotation tools

Addressing important daily demands for the medical and legal communities, this update minimizes and simplifies the number of steps necessary to handle the signing and forwarding of a received fax.

Allowing up to 5 unique signature stamps, the newly updated 4-Sight FAX 7.5.4 Client allows each user to store requisite signatures or stamps locally, on their hard drive. This allows physicians and attorneys to approve and forward faxes fast and easily versus the traditional multi-step burden of printing, signing, scanning, naming and filing the return fax document.

Under the 4-Sight FAX Client-Server architecture, all faxes are stored centrally at the fax server, yet the end-user authentication and authorization occurs locally at the Client software. This allows proprietary signatures to be controlled and accessed by only those persons who have the authority to do so within the Client software.

This release also corrects a problem for certain printers where faxes appeared with inverted colors when printing.

4-Sight FAX Client 7.5.4 is a free update for all currently licensed version 7.5 customers, including companies currently subscribed to the 4-Sight FAX Annual Update and Support Plan. To download the 4-Sight FAX Client 7.5.4 update, please visit: /downloads.

For complete information on the 4-Sight Fax product line, please visit the 4-Sight FAX website at /. For questions or price quotes on the 4-Sight FAX product line, call 1.888.447.4448 toll free (in the USA), e-mail hello@4sightfax.com or visit the on-line 4-Sight FAX quotation page at /product-info/pricing/.

About Soft Solutions

Founded in 1989, Soft Solutions, Inc. is an Atlanta-based company and an industry leader in workflow automation software products and services. Signature products include 4-Sight Fax and a number of innovative database plug-in and workflow products currently under development. Soft Solutions can be reached by e-mail at hello@4sightfax.com, by telephone at 770.457.9400 or 888.447.4448 (within the United States) or by facsimile at 770.454.9800.