Announcing the 4-Sight FAX 7.5.5 Server Update

May 2, 2011

Soft Solutions announces 4-Sight FAX Server 7.5.5, providing improved modem communications

The 4-Sight FAX Server 7.5.5 release increases product reliability, stability and error recovery handling – specifically to the modem communications area of the 4-Sight FAX Server internal fax engine.

Included in the 7.5.5 Server update are numerous fax transmission enhancements and error fixes to the T.30 fax modem communications. The T.30 improvements provide reduced time between sending faxes and reduced time sending faxes. Users will also experience faster modem reset and faster recovery from dropped fax line communications.

4-Sight FAX Server 7.5.5 improves modem error handling and recovery for remote modem-fax machine time-outs while improving the resiliency and recovery for dropped lines, lost dial-tone and delayed responses. This update also expands logic for improved handling of corrupted, compromised and large multi-page incoming faxes. Lastly, this update addresses certain underlying Macintosh OS X port related anomalies known to cause Class 1 communication errors with Apple USB ports and devices.

4-Sight FAX Server 7.5.5 is a free update for all currently licensed version 7.5 customers, including companies currently subscribed to the 4-Sight FAX Annual Update and Support Plan. To download the 4-Sight FAX Server 7.5.5 update, please visit: /downloads.

For complete information on the 4-Sight Fax product line, please visit the 4-Sight FAX website at /. For questions or price quotes on the 4-Sight FAX product line, call 1.888.447.4448 toll free (in the USA), e-mail or visit the on-line 4-Sight FAX quotation page at /product-info/pricing/.

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