Forthcoming 4-Sight FAX v8 Included With All New Orders

4-Sight FAX 8.0 Release Adds Maverick compatibility And Breadth of New Features

Atlanta, Georgia – March 31, 2014 Soft Solutions announces a late April release is planned for 4-Sight FAX version 8.0, and it’s support and compatibility with Apple’s OS X 10.9, Maverick release. For all new orders beginning today, the v8 release is automatically included. Version 8 will also be a free upgrade for customers currently enrolled in the 4-Sight FAX Annual Update and Support (U&S) plan. For customers not on the U&S plan, v8 will be a paid upgrade.

Until the official 4-Sight FAX published v8 release, customer’s should refrain from downloading Apple’s OS X 10.9 Maverick update for use with 4-Sight FAX Server 7.5.x. Under version 8, the 4-Sight FAX Client GUI has been redesigned, the Macintosh and Windows print drivers have been significantly streamlined and updated, the product API’s have been advanced, yet backward compatible under Maverick and the FAX Server provides the most significant customer updates across the entire feature set.

The 4-Sight FAX family version 7.5.x products provide Mountain Lion (10.8.x) compatibility today and remain available for immediate customer download at the following web site locations:

March, 2014 release components are 4-Sight FAX Server 7.5.8, 4-Sight FAX Client 7.5.9 and 4-Sight FAX Print Driver 7.5.9 and these are available at: /downloads/4-sight-fax-products/v7-5/.

For complete information on the 4-Sight Fax product line, please visit the 4-Sight FAX website at For questions or price quotes on the 4-Sight FAX product line, call 770-457-9400 or e-mail Soft Solutions ongoing mission is to provide real value and enduring results for their customers.