If your company relies on a database to run your business, you are at the right place.

4-Sight FAX has reliable plug-ins available for FileMaker Pro, 4th Dimension and Omnis in addition to the C++ Developer kit. All plug-in products are available on Macintosh (OS 9 & X) and Windows.

By using any of these plug-ins, customer databases ultimately become a fax client, providing a one-click faxing solution from the desktop. And because customer names, fax numbers and other important details are contained directly within the database, there is no need to maintain a separate address book when using a plug-in. A centralized database eliminates the need for using the 4-Sight FAX client to send faxes.

Currently, the FaxPack plug-in is used extensively in vertical market applications including: business, manufacturing, hospital information systems, marketing and advertising, airline and hotel reservation systems and many others.