FaxPack for FileMaker

The FaxPack for FileMaker® Pro plug-in allows any FileMaker application to create and send faxes through 4-Sight FAX Server using the contact information and fax numbers contained in a FileMaker table.

Developers can perform a variety of tasks including:

  • Integrate and automate faxing as part of any company workflow process.
  • Link incoming / outgoing faxes to any Filemaker record for improved customer service & management.
  • Display a list of all faxes for an entire company or a single contact.
  • Retrieve and view a fax within any Filemaker application.
  • Convert any incoming fax to .pdf, .png, .jpeg or .tiff format for improved document handling.
  • Automate the batch or real-time sending of custom client invoices, blast faxes, announcements, etc..
  • Request a list of available fax servers.
  • Retrieve and select from a list of server-based cover pages.
  • Fax any printable FileMaker forms to the current record or the current selection of records.
  • Switch to the 4-Sight Fax print driver so your FileMaker print job generates a TIFF file.
  • Restore the previous print driver selection.
  • Create and send a fax message and more.


Our Documentation section contains a Developers Users Manual that profiles everything, from install instructions to detailed information on each method. A must-have for any FaxPack user.