Omnis 4Sight-Talk

The 4SightTalk external for Omnis provides Omnis developers with Omnis client connectivity to 4-Sight FAX servers. The 4SightTalk external adds 16 commands to Omnis. These commands allow developers to perform a variety of tasks, including: request a list of available fax servers, their platforms and versions, retrieve and select from a list of server-based cover pages, switch to the 4-Sight Fax driver so your Omnis report generates a TIFF file, restore the previous print driver selection, create a fax message, address and send it and query the status of faxes that have been sent to the server.

Compatible with Omnis 7.3 & Omnis Studio: Mac/Win32.

For more information on 4SightTalk, please visit Mission Mountain Software or visit 4SightTalk to download a demo of the plug-in product.