4-Sight FAX v8

4-Sight FAX continues to lead the network faxing industry, giving users of both Macs (Intel and PowerPC) and PCs greater efficiency and more options for their messaging needs. In addition, 4-Sight FAX communicates with clients over TCP/IP, the universal Internet protocol, and is the only network faxing solution to integrate with Mac OS X. You can send, receive, prioritize and customize your faxes, addresses and cover pages with just a few clicks.

Intel and PowerPC Mac OS X Compatibility

4-Sight FAX Version 8 contains a universal binary build and is fully compatible with Mac OS X. This makes 4-Sight FAX the most advanced network faxing application available today.

Universal Macintosh Internal Modem Support

4-Sight FAX supports all internal Macintosh modems and the Apple External USB modem. On initial install, the fax server automatically selects the computer’s internal modem. The fax server will also inform users if no internal modem is available.

Windows Clients

4-Sight FAX is also compatible with Microsoft Windows, providing even more network coverage. Mixed-platform environments can use 4-Sight FAX simultaneously without having to switch faxing applications, making this the only fax solution you’ll have to buy.

Automated Line-Based Routing

With Automated Line-Based Routing (ALBR), you can automatically route incoming faxes to specific users or groups of users based on the fax line on which the fax is received. This enhancement provides a cost-effective solution for companies supporting multiple departments with one fax server. It’s also valuable for companies that want to assign individual fax lines to employees.

TCP/IP Compatible

4-Sight FAX supports TCP/IP so all supported Mac or Windows systems can access the fax server via the Internet. This means you’ll be able to send and receive faxes quickly and economically worldwide.

Email Suite

You can have faxes forwarded to any email address in PDF format. You can check faxes while traveling or when working away from the computer where the 4-Sight FAX client resides.

Worldwide Access to Fax Server

Wherever you are, your fax server is as close as the nearest Internet connection. 4-Sight’s robust client interface also allows offline access to faxes by providing local folders.

Expanded Address Book

4-Sight FAX has enhanced its personal address book with more room for client names, numbers, address groups and fax lists. And as always, a server-based address book is available and can be easily configured to hold frequently used numbers. Our software allows authorized client users to add, edit, and delete contacts from the server address book. This is an outstanding feature for businesses that want to send fax blasts to several thousand customers quickly.

Client-side Imaging

You can be sure that your fax renders images exactly the way they were designed. Now files are imaged on the client instead of the server, so fonts, logos and graphics are received the way you intend them to be.

Increased Queue and Address Book Size Handling

Do you need to manage fax queues or address books exceeding 10,000 records? The 4-Sight FAX Client address book import has been dramatically improved, enabling users to import 10,000-plus entries in seconds vs. minutes. 4-Sight FAX supports fast loading and sorting of extra-large fax queues and address books.

On-line Help and E-mail Support

If you need fast answers to questions, context-sensitive help is only a click away. Because the program knows what you’re working on, you’ll have fast access to answers you need. A built-in menu item allows you to e-mail Soft Solutions directly with your questions.