New Features

Email to Fax

Built directly into the 4-Sight FAX Server, customers can avoid paying a service for this capability. With 4-Sight FAX, it’s simple and it’s free. There are no repetitive fees, yet you have more capability, more flexibility and more options. Users can send emails to a designated email address and their faxes will be sent to 1 or 1000 recipients. Supported attached file types include .PDF, .PNG and .TIFF files. 4-Sight FAX has you covered.

Fax Forward to Email

4-Sight FAX customers can automatically receive their faxes in their email account as a PDF attachment. Your faxes are now conveniently delivered to your email reader.

Web Client

The new, optional Web Client feature provides direct access to a Users incoming and outgoing fax listings from all major web browsers. Available in twelve languages, the Web Client adapts the username and password authentication 4-Sight FAX customers are familiar with. Now, users can walk up to any browser and connect to their fax server by entering the IP address and logging in. This ubiquitous capability enables users to access all of their faxes from anywhere. This new innovation also provides users access to both their local and 4-Sight FAX Server address books.

Client/Server Address Book Synchronization

Managing two sets of address books can be cumbersome. Version 7.5 standardizes the two formats into one – while simplifying an Administrator’s life.

Annotation Tools

4-Sight FAX has added new signature and stamp capabilities within the Client Annotation Tools. Aimed to simplify and automate the time-consuming burden of replying back to an incoming fax, this new feature helps streamline and tame this paper beast.

Email Suite integration

All email features are now bundled and included as part of the 7.5 release.

PDF Support for Cover Pages

4-Sight FAX Version 7.5 will support the Macintosh-friendly PDF file format for use in it’s cover page editor. Users can now wave goodbye to PICT and say hello to PDF!

Incoming Fax Save Folder Preferences

Users can designate a personal save folder for their incoming faxes. This functionality assists companies who need to forward faxes to specific applications or folders.

64-bit Macintosh & Windows Print Drivers

64-bit Macintosh/Windows Print Driver capability provides compatibility to the latest Macintosh and Windows operating systems requirements.

Text Message Notification for Faxes

For customers who live with their cell phones, text message notification of incoming faxes makes it easy for users to know immediately when a new fax has arrived. For those with web enabled cell phones, Users can receive a text message and with one click, log into the fax server and review their fax immediately.

Server update for XML/RPC Communications

Overhauled and updated server comunications for improved client/server performance with downloaded faxes, fax queues & messaging. Also improved client/plug-in connection stability and reliability.

New Plug-in Commands with a New Updated API

Want to send PDF, PNG or TIFF files directly to the fax server and avoid the print driver step? The updated 7.5 API and FAXPack plug-ins provide this built-in capability as the 7.5 FAX server has been upgraded to do the rest.

Enhanced Customer Support Options

Both the 4-Sight FAX Server and Client products now provide a menu option that allows a customer to type a technical support question and automatically attaches all support-related files, zips them up and emails them to Soft Solutions.