Modem Information

4-Sight FAX supports both Class 1 and Class 2 data/fax modems. For customers who have a demanding fax environment, we recommend MultiTech’s serial or USB Class 2 ZBA or DID V.92 data/fax modems.

For a detailed look at what modems are compatible with 4-Sight FAX, download the Modem Compatibility Guide (.pdf).

Soft Solutions stocks Multitech modems for our customers. All MultiTech modems come with a standard 2 year repair or replace policy directly from MultiTech. Returned modems, in resale condition, are subject to a minimum 15% restocking fee – as they can no longer be sold as new and must be discounted. If you must return a modem, for any reason, please ensure it is returned with the original packing and box.

MT9234MU-CDC USB Modems

The MultiTech 9234MU-CDC USB modem operates well in the majority of operating environments. It does not, however, operate reliably within a DSL Internet connection, especially in the absence of any DSL filters.

Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) if you are unsure of your Internet connection specifications.

MT9234 USB Modems

The MT9234MU-USB modem requires a modem driver to operate. When installing this modem, it will be necessary to subsequently install the modem driver. Click here to download the modem driver.

Please note that the modem driver installer is not compatible with OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard), so you must run the update from an earlier version of the Macintosh OS. Please ensure the 4-Sight FAX Server is not running when installing the firmware.

Please also note that the MT9234MU-CDC does not require these modem drivers for operation.

Defective Modems

Some modems, like all electronic devices, may become defective. In these cases, we cannot service these modems. However, MultiTech provides a two year warranty to all recently purchased modems.

To obtain an RMA number from MultiTech, please visit the MultiTech warranty website.

Please note that the 2-year warranty now replaces the older 10-year warranty. If you are unsure whether your older modem qualifies for the 2-year or 10-year warranty, you will need to call MultiTech and provide them with the serial number of your MultiTech modem to ensure your modem qualifies under the 10-year program. If the modem qualifies, MultiTech’s warranty page describes the details to return the modem.

Apple USB Modems

The Apple USB modem requires Mac OS X 10.4.3 or later. However, this modem does not work reliably on Macintosh OS 10.5 or later. Additionally, the Mac OS X does not recognize more than one (1) Apple USB modem per computer. If additional Apple USB modems are attached, Mac OS X simply ignores them, which means that only one (1) Apple USB modem is available to 4-Sight FAX v7.5. This limit does not apply to modems from other manufacturers. 4-Sight FAX v7.5 can use both the Apple internal modem and the Apple USB modem at the same time. If you plan to use the Apple USB modem, it should be attached directly to a USB port on your computer rather than to the keyboard, monitor or an external USB hub.

Overall, Apple’s modems come in a variety of flavors, so it is important to understand that some of Apple’s modems are more capable than others. The table below shows several internal modems along with the Apple USB modem and lists the features that are available in 4-Sight FAX v7.5. Information about the internal modem on your Mac is found in Mac OS X System Profiler.

Apple Modems 4-Sight FAX v7.5 Support
Internal: Dash2 – Class 1 Caller ID: Modem not capable Inbound Routing: Not Supported
Internal: Spring – Class 2 Caller ID: Modem not capable Inbound Routing: Supported
Internal: Motorola Jump – Class 1 Caller ID: Supported Inbound Routing: Not Supported
External: Apple USB – Class 1 Caller ID: Supported Inbound Routing: Not Supported

Note: Caller ID support requires a subscription to Caller ID service from your local telephony provider as well as a Caller ID-capable modem. Currently, the North American (Bellcore) standard for Caller ID is supported in 4-Sight FAX.  Inbound Routing, also known as DID capability, is an optional feature of 4-Sight FAX and is licensed separately. 4-Sight FAX does not support Inbound Routing on Class 1 modems.

Zoom and USRobotics Modems

Zoom modems are no longer supported under 4-Sight FAX Server software. As of Mac OS X version 10.5, USRobotics modems are no longer officially supported by 4-Sight FAX Server software. OS X version 10.4 is the last supported version for the USRobotics modem. Use both of these modems at your own risk, as we do not guarantee their reliability under our test conditions. Instead, please refer to the list of modems at the top of this page we recommend for use with our product.