Update & Support Plan

The 4-Sight FAX Annual Update and Support plan provides customers with the lowest ownership cost, the fastest technical support turnaround time, free Web Client licensing, plan member (only) promotional discounts and in certain cases, direct access to the 4-Sight FAX development staff**.

Ultimately, you, our customer, are obtaining peace of mind knowing that you have the best deal available as a valued 4-Sight FAX customer.

Lowest possible product ownership cost

Below is a simple investment comparison of purchasing the Update & Support plan versus “paying as you go“. 4-Sight FAX Annual Update and Support plan customers are entitled to receive all of their product updates for the 365 days the plan is in effect. The plan fee is all-inclusive, covering all product updates and all technical support incidents.

For example; for customers who purchase a 1 Line 10 User license, the product list price is $795 for version 8. This customer can look at and evaluate the plan using the cost numbers from the table below:

Item Annual
Update & Support Plan
No U & S Plan
Annual Update and Support Plan price $335.00 $0
Upgrade to next version* $0 $537.00*
Technical Support Incidents by phone (each for 4) $0 $125.00
Web Client for 10 Users $0 $225.00
Totals: $335.00 $1,262.00

*Upgrade prices shown are for upgrades from version 7.5 to version 8. The examples shown reflect the actual upgrade savings as well as additional potential savings for optional features.

Free Product Upgrades

Plan customers receive all product updates free throughout their plan period. With major upgrades costing 1.7+ times the Annual Update and Support plan, this represents a great value, especially when adding the potential cost savings for phone support (see next section).

Technical Support On Demand

Plan customers receive telephone and priority email support. With your Update and Support plan, you receive direct access to our support team to get the fastest possible problem resolution time.¬†Based on 2010 call log reports, over 50% of our incoming support calls are handled immediately, nearly 40% are called back within 1 hour and the remaining 10% are called back within 4 business hours. Technical support email inquiries are handled first for “Plan” customers and second for non “Plan” customers. Soft Solutions telephone support hours are from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM EST Monday through Friday. Support is not available during weekend hours or over major US Holidays. Customers are encouraged to visit our FAQ sections on-line outside of normal business hours. Customers not on the U&S plan can receive phone support at $125 per incident.

Free Version 8 Web Client Licensing

In the example shown, Plan customers receive 4-Sight FAX Web Clients for free (A $225 savings in the above example).

Plan Member Only Promotions

Plan customers receive special discounts throughout the Plan year that are not available anywhere else.

Direct Access to Developers

**Plan customers paying $995 or more per Plan year automatically receive direct access to our development and programming staff. This includes pre-releases to API enhancements, new program builds and documentation on upcoming product releases and technical guidance. In addition, should Plan members encounter any problems impacting their business requiring a program fix, our development staff will priority schedule these fixes and provide progress reports until these fixes are available for release.

Lapsed Plan reinstatement

Plan customers who have lapsed more than 14 days may reinstate their plan for 45% of the product license list price. Plan customers who have lapsed more than 90 days may reinstate their plan for 75% of the license list price.